Helping Companies Find Affordable Debt Capital.



NTIB Finance & Consulting meets with the company's leaders to understand their needs and goals to make sure we fully get where you are trying to go.  We then review the company's financials to make sure we locate and acknowledge assets, and profitability that can be used to raise the required funds.  We review your accounting and back office processes always looking for improvements to your efficiency. 



We identify issues, fixes, and processes to improve your internal records and financials to provide a better opportunity to get the required funds.



Then we are able to match your needs with our many lenders and can most often achieve success for your business by finding affordable financing based on your financial position.

Improve Efficiencies


NTIB Finance & Consulting will stay involved throughout the process and can provide continuing consulting to further improve your efficiency and constant improvement.


Q: Do you carry classics like Charles Dickens? 

A: We carry most of his work, if there is any book of his we don't have we can get it shipped in for you.                                                    

Q: Do you ever have any author signings?            

A: For a lot of local authors, our store is a great place to do signings. For signing events, check our calendar.

Q: Can you bind a book for me?

A: We do not offer binding services, only books for purchase.

Q: Can I pre-order my books before their release?

A: Of course you can! We often have large release parties as well, where you can pick up your copy.

Q: Do you sell textbooks?

A: We sell some required texts for certain classes, but not all of them. Check with us first.